Art & Life with Nevena Bentz

VoyageHouston - June 20, 2018

"My work shows a quest to reinforce the contrast between the real and the imaginary by juxtaposing elements of each, so as to reconfigure experience in unexpected ways and blur the line of what is real. Frequently, my ideas materialize in the process of tearing up the whole, creating chaos, and exploring the resulting space. Through art, I navigate my internal struggles; joy and melancholy often intertwine in my work just as in my daily life. This idea underlies the imperfection, asymmetry, and unpredictability which characterize much of my art."

The Galentine's Show

Texas Inked Magazine - Issue #7

Nevena discusses a few of her artworks. "Facing the Self" conveys the idea that facing ourselves is an act of courage and requires us to dig deep into our souls and to risk touching parts of ourselves that need healing. It is an opportunity to overcome our fears and to practice self-love and acceptance. The journey is not a short or easy one but holds the promise to uncover our essence and that which is most beautiful in us."

Nevena Bentz Jewelry – a journey to freedom

Fashion Stories

"They say that most people who don’t know what career to pursue, go to law school. I was one of those. I also value justice greatly and, like many, have a desire to better the world. The law achieves these through conflict, persuasion, and force and within pre-established rules and framework. The arts can achieve the same but in a more powerful, beautiful, and peaceful way. As an artist, I can break the rules, I can be myself and express my creativity through every imaginable channel. I can reinvent myself daily while remaining true to my core. I thrive on chaos. The law does not give this option.

Escape Reality

Stella's Studio- Episode 43

At 9:28 into the program, host Stella Jurgen takes us through Nevena's journey into the world of art and a discussion of her newest series, "One."

State of the ARTS: Nevena Bentz

EASTside Magazine - October/November 2020

"Her current series, “One,” juxtaposes faces of women against semi-abstract patterns invoking natural forms like leaves, water, and reflections. The women’s expressions are subdued and calm, with their desaturated features blending in and out from collages of organic forms and colors. The mixed-media compositions are decidedly tranquil, invoking the serenity of creation as a foil to destruction.

Faust Magazine Paris - coming soon

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