© Nevena Bentz 2019


“Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” -- Oscar Wilde

My artworks are chapters of a visual diary that show who I am at a certain time and place, offering myself -- and perhaps others -- a fragmented peek into my inner world. The bright colors and unrestrained style typical of my work celebrate the renewal I experience from expressing myself creatively and living my truth. When I paint, I do not concern myself with form and seek to dissolve it into something less defined and ethereal that resembles emotions. This inevitably makes color prevail over form.


My color choices reflect my passion for life. They are an antithesis to my modest upbringing in a gray communist town in Eastern Europe. Through vibrant colors, I transform fear and anxiety into something that vibrates joy and radiance and is closer to my essence. A painting is complete when its colors have merged to create a certain melody or speak the words of a silent poem that resonates with how I feel at this point in time.

I embrace chaos as a prerequisite for originality. I believe in rebellion. It is essential to creativity, freedom and transformation. I let my upbringing, my memories, my experiences with people and places, my artistic influences, and my deep connection to the natural world coexist in an unstructured way. I trust that who I am in this moment would emerge organically as these components interact with each other. I surrender the need to control the process or the outcome and, instead, let intuition guide my choices. What must be expressed will be expressed. If I were to start with predetermined ideas and processes, I would eliminate the unease that comes from pushing boundaries and would settle for something that is predictable, repetitive, technical, dispassionate and inauthentic. Ultimately, it will not project who I am and would leave me feeling incomplete.